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Best Travel Tips to Save Money Booking Plane Tickets and Hotels in 2022



Best Travel Hacks to Save Money Booking Plane Tickets and Hotels in 2022 - Dominican Travel Pro

Do you want to save anywhere from 5% to 45% the next time you travel?

If you do, stay put because I am going to show you the Best travel hacks when booking plane tickets and hotels this year, including:

  • Optimal Booking Window
  • The ideal day of the week to book and travel
  • Best month to travel
  • Hacks for saving on accommodations

As I covered on my previous video, The Top 5 hardest things about booking a vacation, the NUMBER ONE on the list is getting the best deal.

For almost 80% of American travelers, this is where you get stuck. And carries days, weeks, or probably more of scanning and researching for the best deal online.

The number TWO hardest thing for travelers is finding a flight, which 62% of you believe it’s stressful.

According to a research conducted by Expedia in partnership with Airlines Reporting Corporation, almost 40% of travelers are willing to be flexible with their travel plans in order to save money on their next trip.

Based on data, average ticket prices for flights (ATPs) specifically for international flights have grown but remain on average 35 percent lower compared to 2019. For domestic flights, ATPs have steadily risen and are nearly back to pre-pandemic levels.

Now the key to cost savings on booking plane tickets and hotels in 2022 comes down to three things: knowing what day to book, how far in advance, and what day and month to travel.

So let’s jump right in and allow me to make your life easier:

Let’s begin with Optimal Booking Window.

The sweet spot to book a domestic flight is between 28 – 35 days in advance, while international flights should be booked three to four months in advance, if you want the best deal, of course.


First of all domestic plane tickets usually start to increase 21 days before departure, while for international flights, these start to go up 28 days before.

The ideal day to book

Many of you have heard that the best day of the week to book is Friday, You probably think that since a good portion of people are hanging out, having a good time with friends of family, the prices would be better, right?


The ideal day to book a flight is Sunday, not Friday. For domestic flights it represents savings around 5% percent, and for international flights this is nearly 10 percent.

The ideal day to travel

On the flipside of the ideal day to book, the best day to hop in a domestic trip is Friday.

If you are able apply this hack, it can save you more than 15% of your next flight.

For international flights, the best deals are found when traveling on a Thursday, in which you can save more than 5%.

For both domestic and international flights, the days with the best prices to start the trip are from Wednesday through Saturday.

The Best month to travel

Besides the days to decide when to book and travel, you can also unlock more savings by keeping a flexible schedule in 2022 and choosing among a couple of key months.

For domestic flights, you can save more than 10% in January versus traveling in June.

To travel internationally, August is the ideal month, where American travelers can save almost 20%. versus traveling in December.

So far we have covered the optimal window and best day to book, the best day to travel, and the best month to travel.

Let’s move on to another important subject.

Hacks for saving on accommodations

Based on Expedia’s data, here are some travel hacks to cut down the cost in accommodations.

The lowest average daily rate (ADR) for accommodation is on Mondays, where travelers could save more than 15%.

For international travel, you can save nearly 10% if you book on a Thursday.

Also, down-star your hotel can reduce the cost further. Travelers can save almost 45% on average, by simply opting for a 4-star property over a 5-star.

Meanwhile, down-starring to a 3-star can shows a decrease of around 30% compared to a 4-star.

Question of the Day

Do you have a travel hack to save money on booking plane tickets, hotels, or maybe other travel related purchases like car rentals, things to do, or resorts? If so, comment below and let’s have a conversation.

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Now that you have the travel hacks to save money when booking plane tickets and hotels, click on this video so I can show you how you can travel stress free in your next vacation.

And remember: Be Present, become a Pro, See you soon.

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