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I Tasted the Punchiest Margarita in Santo Domingo | Travel Vlog



Following up with the review about Tacomoé Mexican Restaurant, in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, in this video I show you the variety of alcoholic drinks available, and taste a Margarita on the spot.

The first option at the left corner is Don Julio (tequila), the largest brand in value and 8th largest in volume in the world.

They also have Herradura, founded in the 1870’s carrying a lot of history for the Mexican people. The owner of Herradura is the US-based company Brown-Forman, the ones who make Jack Daniels.

The Fandango is a Premium-Mezcal crafted in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Their makers state that their objective behind the creation of this spirit is to accentuate the taste and scent of the roasted agave. You can enjoy this in cocktails or served cold.

Why do they call it Mezcal?

As you are going to see that many times in the drinks at Tacomoé, Mezcal is a word that comes from “Nahuatl Mexcalli” that means oven-cooked agave. It is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any type of Maguey, a member of the agave family.

Right now more than 70% of Mezcal is made in Oaxaca but is nowadays produced and commercialized all around the country (Mexico), with an exponential growth both in the national and international market.

Next, we got Jose Cuervo, surely one of the good ones. It is one of the best-selling brand of tequila, and sells around a fifth of the tequila consumed worldwide. As a company, it was founded in 1812 with an amazing history for Mexicans and its consumers. The distillery is one of the oldest active in Latin America.

The Midori, melon liqueur, is typically 20-21% alcohol. It is extremely sweet and not usually taken straight, rather in cocktails.

Some of the other drinks available are:

  • Luxardo Limoncello
  • Lagrange
  • Campari
  • Mezcal Nayaá
  • Mezcal Amores
  • Tequila Jarana

I had the opportunity to taste a Margarita, which contained two shots of tequila Jarana, lemon, piña, and the top of the cup with coffee.

Feedback: a PUNCHY drink right of the bat!

It’s a rollercoaster of flavors, from the sugar, the alcohol, the lemon… even the ice was tasteful!

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