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Who is the president of the Dominican Republic?



Who is the president of the Dominican Republic

The most recent elections were held on July 5th of 2020 and in this article I’ll tell you who is the president of the Dominican Republic, but first, let me put you into context.

The election of the President and Vice President of the Republic, as well as that of senators and provincial and constituency deputies, takes place directly.

Indirectly, seven overseas deputies (representatives of Dominican communities abroad) are elected through the presidential election ballot.

Similarly, five national deputies are elected by accumulation of votes and 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament and their alternates.

According to Dominican law, the elections of public authorities are held on the second Sunday of May of each election year (every four years) and the body in charge of the design, execution and development of the Electoral Plan is the Central Electoral Board, created by mandate constitutional.

The legislation of the Dominican Republic establishes that to reach the presidency, a candidate must exceed 50% + 1 of the valid votes.

In the event that no candidate reaches 50% + 1, then a second electoral round is held which, in this case, would have taken place on Sunday, July 26 of the same year.

The Luis Abinader-Raquel Peña de Antuña formula of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and six other allied parties, obtained victory in the first round with 52.52% of the votes.

While, the official formula, made up of Gonzalo Castillo-Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, and supported by six other political formations, obtained 37.46%.

The Leonel Fernández-Sergia Mejía de Séliman binomial, from the Fuerza del Pueblo and the Christian Social Reformist Party and five other political parties, obtained 8.90% of the votes.

The PRM and its allies obtained a qualified majority, both in the Senate of the Republic and in the Chamber of Deputies.

Remaining with it, reconfigured the political map of the country, passing the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) from governing with a majority in both chambers, during the last 14 years, to becoming the main opposition force in the Dominican political party system.

Who is the president of the Dominican Republic?

The current president of the Dominican Republic is Luis Abinader Corona, from the Modern Revolutionary Party.

Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader Corona - Dominican Travel Pro

Overall, the elections were peaceful and marked by high voter turnout.

They represented a significant step forward for democracy in the Dominican Republic.

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