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What is my Why in Dominican Travel Pro



What is my Why in Dominican Travel Pro - Copy

Most of the brands you know like Apple, Disney, Amazon, and Space X, have a clear sense why, it is that single motive that pushes them to develop the best products and services, while attracting millions of customers and fans, like you.

It took me a while, but I also develop a strong why when creating the concept of Dominican Travel Pro?

Do you think that is to influence, to earn money, recognition, to show my talents and skills, or to express my gratitude by providing solutions to a particular audience?

Is it all of this, maybe, a bit of everything, maybe or none of it, maybe?

Stick around, because on this video I am going to tell you exactly what is my WHY and also the six reasons why I choose the United States as my priority.


Dominican Travel Pro is the result of multiple failures.

What? You just started the video and you are acknowledging that you come from failure?

Ah, yes! I don’t mind at all. Actually, I am thankful and blessed for my failures.

After 5 unsuccessful startups, I realized that one of the main reason for them to fail was that they all lack a sense of WHY.

After my latest flop, right at the beginning of the pandemic, I acknowledge that something had to change and I began to search for answers about my personal and professional life.

How the quest started? On YouTube.

Things kicked off after watching this interview to Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory.

How did I get there. I don’t exactly know but most likely with a keyword search like how to change my mindset, how to change my attitude? Probably.

As he explains in his best seller book “Supernatural” there is an extraordinary power in gratitude and howin a quantum model of reality you can start feeling abundant, and generate wealth.

Also, that if you create the experience ahead of the environment, you begin neuro-chemically condition your mind and body to act as one, moving into a new state of being.

That was my main goal at the moment, to move into a new state of being, so I could change my reality.

That single video created a chain reaction of months of digging, researching, questioning, andin the midst of MANY key transformations, I found this book titled Start with Why, by Simon Sinek, thanks to a recommendation by Sean Cannell, a prominent content creator and CEO of Think Media.

Sinek’s main premise is the following: “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And if you talked about what you believe, you’ll attract those who believe what you believe”.

That took me a while to fully understand.

On a video titled “The Origins of Why”he says this:

“When you know your WHY, the filter is clear, is not like there are options, the option is obvious, there’s only one option: share, give, inspire.

After a season of preparation, and I mean reading, meditating, introspecting, I asked myself, if I were to create another startup based on this new perspective and upgraded mindset, and most importantly, one that allows me to practice gratitude every single day, as Dr. Dispenza suggests, and at the same time one with a one clear option, a strong why, what would it be?

With that kind of approach, I aimed to pinpoint four fundamental truths to accomplish my goal, using the first principles, popularized by Elon Musk.

The first one:

Which is the main platform?

YouTube, definitely is the #1 video platform, the 2nd most visited website in the world, the most dominant social media.


Which industry?

Travel and tourism, the Dominican Republic’s economy is fueled by tourism. Plus, I already have years of experience attending multiple travel events and networked with some of the top CEO’s of the industry.


What is my ideal target audience?

For me, without a bit doubt, the traveler from the United States of America, in other words, the American Traveler.

The fundamental truth is that the American Traveler represents the most predominant market to the Dominican Republic and the one with the greatest growth potential.


The fourth fundamental truth was related to me, the man.

Now that it made sense statistically, country-wise, it was the turn to see if it made sense of on a personal level, and more importantly, in regards of my mindset.

It didn’t take long to realize that it was the right choice. Which I’ll cover later in this video.

So I focused on performing a self-analysis of my mindset and asked powerful questions to address any potential issues that may get on the way of achieving my goals, and to evaluate what made the other startups fails, besides not having a why.

Questions like:

Which decisions created more problems than solutions?

How did I usually reacted when things were hard?

What were the top 10 mistakes I made?

What were the main issues or patterns that contributed to these failures?

From that reflection, I realized that I was not ready to move forward, because I had to:

  • Learn how to live in the present moment
  • Understand and discipline ego
  • Understand and defeat entitlement
  • Understand and defeat the victim consciousness

To my favor, when I encountered this stage, I already knew how to properly influence changes with meditation, manifesting, and certain activities that allowed me to reprogram my software during the night, while sleeping.

Between June and December 2021, I was able to optimize, reprogram, and change the majority of the algorithms that held me back.

Following these updates, I felt a sense of certainty that I achieved the ideal mindset to pursue a career as a content creator on YouTube, in the travel and tourism industry and serving the American Traveler, that is, from the United States of America.

And now, allow me to give you six reasons of why I chose this particular audience and right after, I’ll provide you with my Golden Circle, composed of the why, the how, and the what.

Reason Number 1

Let’s start with a fun example??


Often referred to as America’s National Pastime, baseball is an American family tradition because it symbolizes many aspects of American life, from culture to economics and technological advances.

Baseball was introduced to the Dominican Republic as early as the 1870s. Teams quickly sprung up in urban centers, especially the capital city of Santo Domingo, where I was born and grew up and where the professional league was developed in 1890, a time in which the US and the DR already established diplomatic relations.

Baseball served as common ground between Americans and Dominicans from 1916 to 1924, when dozens of U.S. Marines landed in the Dominican Republic to protect the legitimacy of the elected President Juan Jiménez.

Fast forward, Baseball changed everything in the Dominican Republic when Osvaldo Virgil debuted as the first Dominican baseball player to make the Major Leagues, in September 1956 for the New York Giants. That led to another set of outstanding players like Felipe Alou and our first Hall of Famer Juan Marichal, who joined the then San Francisco Giants in 1958 and 1960, respectively.

The rest is history and history in the making.

For Dominicans, playing baseball in the United States represents one of our main opportunities to grow ourselves and acquire wealth to help our families and communities.

Over the course of six decades, more than 830 Dominicans have reached the Major Leagues, while dozens of thousands have reach at least the minor league levels, colleges, and universities (like I did). We are the second largest group in MLB rosters, following the US, of course.

That is a result of hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in Dominican talent, which has produced some of the biggest stars in the game like Pedro Martinez, Big Papi David Ortiz, Albert Pujols, and today’s baseball dominant figures like Fernando Tatis Jr, Juan Soto, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Baseball is also the Dominican Republic’s national pastime and serves as a shared passion with the American people.

Reason Number 2 – Exports

According to the Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic, also known as ProDominicana, uh I like that name, the U.S. is our leading foreign investor

In fact, out of the 2.84 billion dollars in direct investment in 2021, the U.S accounts for more than a third with over 1.1 billion dollars.

(Image of data)

In addition, U.S. assistance stimulates income for the youth, small businesses, and rural communities, promotes English language learning and promotes educational and cultural opportunities through exchange programs.

Reason Number 3 – Trade

Moving on to trade, to point out a few facts, the United States is the Dominican Republic’s main trading partner, concentrating the largest volume of exports from the Caribbean country.

Just in 2021, out of the 11.8 billion dollars in total exports, the United States held 50.1 %, for more than 5.1 billion dollars, which is also the average over the last three years. Just to put it in perspective, the second country for our exports holds 8.1% of the total.

Some of the products with the largest sales volumes to the USA are: gold, medical and surgical supplies, circuit breakers, jewelry, cotton t-shirts, plantains, cocoa, coffee, cigars, and rum.

By the way – the Dominican Republic by far, really really far, has the best cigars and rum you can get in the market. Trust me.

Reason Number 4 – Our diaspora (DI-AS-PO-RA)

Did you know that Dominicans represent the fifth-largest population of Hispanic origin living in the United States?

Yes! As of 2018, there were about 2.1 million people of Dominican descent in the US, including both native and foreign-born, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Out of these, 60% live in New York and New Jersey)

(Hi Tia, Hi Prima)

Actually, the United States is the most popular destination for Dominicans living abroad, accounting for about 75 percent of all emigrants.

Reason Number 5 – travel and tourism

According to the United States Department of Commerce, the DR ranks first for American travelers among the destinations in the Caribbean, holding more than 33% of all tourists, almost double when compared to other countries in the area.

Between 2017 and 2019 the DR crossed the record breaking figure of 6 million tourist, in which the

USA provided an average of at least 30% of all incoming traffic.

Also, data from the our Central Bank shows that the U.S. is the largest issuer of travelers, 4 times higher than the second issuer, which is Canada.

In fact, the latest data from the Tourism Ministry says that out of the 2.7 million tourists in 2021, more than half came from the United States.

Just to put a quick example, in the year 2000 not even 21thousand Americans arrived through the Punta Cana airport, today, its 1.8 million.

Also, many American hotel brands have established here and recently, there are negotiations to sign an Open Skies agreement between the United States and the Dominican Republic.

Reason Number 6 – personal

So far, we have covered the impact of baseball in our culture and how it serves as the common ground between both countries, the billions of dollars of direct investment and trade, the demographics of our diaspora, and what the US represents to our tourism.

As of me, I am the typical Dominican that started to play baseball at 5, influenced by my brothers, register myself at an English school when I was 9; who traveled to Miami to play baseball and went to see the Marlins in 1997; I am somebody who’s half their family and relatives live in New York; I am just like millions of us whose first job coming out of high school was servicing in a call center; I became a salesman and recently a high ticket closer, thanks to US companies in our country; also, I had the privilege to receive a scholarship playing baseball and earned a degree in Broadcast Media in a United States university; and developed my talents and skills in digital marketing thanks to US companies like Coursera, Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

Now is the time to give back.

As a Dominican I feel a strong, authentic sense of gratitude to the United States, a very personal and deep rooted gratitude. It was not always like that, but after a couple of years of introspection, it finally came together.

You may asked yourself, why does that matter if you are just trying to put up a travel and tourism channel?

It does matter, everything matters.

I have the uttermost honor to develop a YouTube channel based on a purpose, a cause, a belief, and a mission to create and provide value to Americans, who I love and care about.

At the end of the day, Dominicans and Americans are very similar cultures in their faith, their friendliness, our democratic and free market values, the love of music, and devotion to hard work.

After this broad context to the topic, I am going to tell you my Golden Circle, which is composed of the why, the how, and the what.

What is my Why?

Here in Dominican Travel Pro, in everything I think, feel, say, and do, I believe in making the Americans and Canadians life easier when you visit the Dominican Republic for vacation, business, or medical tourism. I believe that your travel journey should be an event to fully enjoy.

You see, making your life easier involves the highest level of responsibility to provide solutions, so you can focus on enjoying every moment in all the stages of the travel journey; dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing, and sharing.

It’s also a personal commitment to give back. I want to be the catalyst for you to have the best vacation and business experience in our nation, and come back for more.

What is my How?

The way I’ll make your life easier when you visit the Dominican Republic for vacation, business, or medical tourism is by creating digital content that matches your specific needs and desired outcomes, while cultivating True Connections base on trust and community.

I want to devote all my talents and skills to provide you with a one-stop travel and tourism brand, and create content about the latest travel tips, review products, while at the same time entertain, inform, guide, and show you our beautiful destinations, it’s resorts, hotels, restaurants, attractions, things to do, and in summary, our one of a kind tourism offer.

What is my What?

We happen to publish videos on YouTube and post articles on our website.

Question of the day

Tell me, how was your latest travel experience? In which areas you felt things didn’t go your way and how do you think they can be easier in the future? Comment below

If you see value in our content I invite you to join our community of travel pros and subscribe to this channel, like this video and share it with your friends and family.

Also, check out the description below, where you can find more information about our brand and links to our website and our social media.

If you want to know more about my personal story, click on this video, where I tell you more about my story and how everything develop into this travel brand, Dominican Travel Pro.

Remember: Be present, Become a Pro.

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