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Top 5 Hardest Things About Booking a Vacation



Top 5 Hardest Things About Booking a Vacation - Dominican Travel Pro

Have you ever been stressed when you try to book a vacation?

Have you ever felt anxiety of not getting your money’s worth when selecting a place to stay, finding the right things to do, getting the best deal, or even forgot a very important part of your upcoming experience?

Well, you are not alone. If you relate to any of these inconveniences, stick around because I am going to tell you the top 5 hardest things when booking a vacation, right now.

Let’s agree on something right up front: we ALL love to travel, it’s embedded on our human nature. We first traveled by foot, then on small boats, ships, airplanes, and soon in rockets. Thank you Elon, Thank you Jeff!!

However, despite the development of new technologies and the massive information available, American travelers just like you find it hard and lengthy before committing and book their vacations.

According to a research conducted by OnePoll, those who have never been on a vacation spend on AVERAGE the equivalent of TWENTY4 (24) working days just dreaming of a blissful retrieve from their busy lives.

WOW! That’s a lot of time.

In fact, of those studied, 82% revealed they daydream about their travel — with nearly a third having these wishful thoughts often.

After the dream stage, Americans spend months visiting dozens of websites, reading reviews, purchasing guidebooks to plan a single trip.


Because the heart of the vacation is the experience.

According to research by Google and Bain & Company, who surveyed 12,000 travelers in 2019, the most curious planners can carry out more than 500 searches and consult in excess of 50 travel sites before booking.

WOW! That’s a lot of search.

Meanwhile, the average consumer conducts 33 searches and checks 12 travel sites.

However, the majority of American travelers have HUGE obstacles when they finally decide to immerse themselves into planning and booking.

Now, here are the top 5 hardest things about booking a vacation.

1 – Getting the best deal

79% of you worry about not getting the best deal. I can understand why this ranks first… EVERYBODY want’s to get their money’s worth.

The 2019 “Infinite Paths to Purchase” research found that 26% of those surveyed say they didn’t make a booking online when they intended because the price was too high.

That’s why you scan, research, and read all the comments of a certain location. When you evaluate a product or service, you weigh its perceived value against the asking price. Fair enough.

2. Finding a flight is stressful

An outstanding 62% of American travelers say that finding a flight is stressful.

There are so many airlines, online travel agencies, different routes might give you a better deal or cut down air time or stops, or probably you just don’t know what is the best airport to land.

It might feel overwhelming to choose among dozens of options, specially if it’s the first experience traveling abroad.

3. Planning when to travel

50% of Americans say that the number one most difficult thing about booking a trip is planning when to travel.

Here is where schedules, your work, your kids off time, when deals from hotels and resorts come across, and even the weather in the chosen destination plays a part. I understand your anxiety and it can be definitely stressful to put everything together.

4. Finding the right place to stay

Finding the right place to stay is a worry to 47% of Americans, which is a huge obstacle and can be the turning point from a good to a great trip.

I also understand this point and it goes back to booking based on your basic, psychological, or self-fulfillment needs.

You want to know in a glimpse the features of the place, whether it is the proximity to the airport, if it has a spa, if it’s pet friendly, if there’s a gym, a kid’s pool, a nightclub, a golf course, and so on, the room features, etc.

In fact, the Google/Bain research found out that 47% of people surveyed say they didn’t make a booking online when they intended to because it didn’t meet their needs.

The same study found that American travelers who booked because a raw need was met paid 15% more than average for hotel rooms and 6% more for cruises.

Watch this till the end because I’m going to give you a link where you can find 2022 best travel hacks including the best time to book airfare and hotels.

5. Finding things to do

Last but not least, 42% of you find that their main difficulty of booking a vacation lies in finding things to do and building a solid itinerary for the trip itself.

And here’s the worst part!

Despite months of planning, the hundreds of Google searches and the dozens of travel sites visited, the OnePoll research found that 73% forget to book part of their trip, with 22% guilty of forgetting a key element on every trip they take.


By now, you understand my point and I know most of you feel identified with these 5 points.

So yes, I understand your pain, really. I know that your main goals are different but at the end of the day you want to have joyful experience from start to end and beyond.

I know that all of you have many reasons to vacation, which fall into any of these categories:

  • To relax
  • Reduce stress
  • For adventure

And many others that I covered in my previous video.

Research has shown that the American traveler needs help cutting through the time-consuming complexity of booking a trip online.

In other words, they needs brand to make their life easier, which turns out to be our WHY in Dominican Travel Pro.

Sounds good?

Question of the Day

On your last vacation, tell me, what was the hardest thing to accomplish? Comment below.

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