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Frequently Asked Questions about the E-Ticket for the Dominican Republic



Frequently Asked Questions about the E-Ticket for the Dominican Republic

To make your life easier, here is a comprehensive list about the Frequently Asked Questions about the E-Ticket for the Dominican Republic.

All travelers flying to the Caribbean country are required to fill out an electronic ticket to arrive or departure.

1- What is the link to access the E-Ticket?

The electronic form can be accessed through the following link:

2- Who should fill out this form?

This form must be filled out by all passengers, whether Dominican or foreign, entering or leaving the Dominican Republic.

3- What happens if I don’t fill it out before the trip?

You can fill it out when you enter the airport.

Airports will have free wireless internet available to fill out the form using any electronic device with wireless internet access capability.

4 – What is the QR code shown for when filling out the form?

The QR code will be required for passengers arriving in the Dominican Republic upon passing through Customs; this code is the one that validates that the form has been filled out correctly.

5 –  Is it important to save the QR code?

Yes, this code will be required by Customs upon entering the country.

6 – Will I have internet to fill it up when I arrive?

Yes, airports will have free wireless internet available for passengers who need to fill it out when arriving or leaving the airport.

7 – Why is the E-Ticket long?

This unique form replaces the three forms currently required: International Boarding and Disembarkation Card, Customs Declaration Form, and Traveler’s Health Affidavit. Now all this information is in one place.

8 – How many days in advance should I fill out the form?

Ideally, you want to fill it out 72 hours before arrival to Dominican Republic and until right before going through immigration.

9 – Will I have to fill out any other documents when entering or leaving the Dominican Republic?

No, this unique form contains all the information required of passengers upon entering or leaving the Dominican Republic.

10 – If I travel as a family, do I have to fill out a form for each member? What about the children?

If you are traveling as a family, you must fill out the form with the data of all the family members who will be traveling, however, it is only necessary that a single user be created in the system and that this user fill in the data of all the members of the family that belong to that trip, up to 6 members additional to the one filling out the form (7 persons in total per form). It is not necessary for each traveler in the same family to fill out an individual form.

At the beginning of the form, you must specify the number of additional family members you are traveling with.

For example, if a family of 4 people is traveling, you must add only 3 people and the platform will assume that there are 4 passengers in total: the user who is filling out the form, plus the additional 3.

If more than 7 people are traveling, you must fill out an additional form for the rest.

The form must be completed for adults and children for the Migration and Public Health parts; however, children do not fill out the Customs section, only adults. A single QR code will be generated for the family.

11 – Do I have to create a user for each trip that I am going to register?

Yes, all the information must be filled out for each trip. Each trip is a new request.

12 – Can I print the QR code?

Yes, it can be printed or you can present it from your smartphone.

13 – Is it the same QR code to enter and leave the country?

No, the form must be filled out once for entry and once for departure, so you will have two QR codes in case of a round trip flight.

14 – What happens if I change my flight date after having the QR code?

If you need to make any changes to the data already sent, in the e-ticket portal select the option to Consult E-ticket issued, enter the application code of the form and you can make the necessary changes.

15 – Does the airline have to read the QR code?

The airline will ask for QR code to make sure that the passengers have completed the form before traveling.

When the person goes through Migration, Migration with the passport number verifies that the person filled out the form.

That is why it is very important to fill out the passport number properly, and make sure you finish the entire filling process until you receive the QR code.

Now that we covered the Frequently Asked Questions about the E-Ticket for the Dominican Republic

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