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Do you live in the United States of America and want to travel for a vacation, to do business, or medical tourism?

Are still trying to figure out where you can get the most benefits based on your needs and desired outcomes?

Do you want to know the best travel products and travel hacks to make everything more pleasant?

Do you wish that things become so much easier when you plan and make the final decision to book your trip?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you are certainly in the right place.

Hey there, my name is Jairo Mateo, a broadcast media professional, digital marketer, and travel vlogger with over 10 years of experience in the tourism industry.

I welcome all of you to Dominican Travel Pro, where I focus on making the Americans life easier when you travel for vacation, business, or medical tourism, by creating digital content that matches your specific needs and desired outcomes, while cultivating True Connections base on trust and community.

On YouTube, this is your one-stop travel and tourism brand, where every week I create video content about the Dominican Republic’s tourism landscape, its destinations, and eventually review its outdoor attractions and activities, accommodations, restaurants, and medical services.

I will show you the most convenient travel products in the market, so you can pack the right things depending on the purpose of your trip.

Also, I’m committed to provide you with the best travel hacks, so you can get the most value, save time, and most importantly, to allow you to focus on living the present moment, that is, to just enjoy the experience.

Here in Dominican Travel Pro, in everything I think, feel, say, and do, I believe in making the Americans life easier when you visit the Dominican Republic for vacation, business, or medical tourism. I believe that your travel journey should be an event to fully enjoy.

Moreover, I believe that you should be enjoying the trip from the moment that you want to get away and start dreaming about it while at home, work, or anywhere.

when you plan and start scheduling and budgeting, and trying to put things together;

when you say yes! Let’s book it! But with the confidence that you are making a well informed decision;

and when you come here to live the experience and leave feeling happier, well rested, relaxed, healthier, and so satisfied that you want to share that experience among family, friends, and start dreaming again to come back for more!

I believe that the Dominican Republic is the ideal getaway destination for American couples, families, for business people, and medical tourists, because it has the most complete and diverse offer in the market in regards to other options outside and nearby the United States.

How was your latest travel experience abroad? Comment below and tell me about it, so we can start connecting.

If you see value in this content I invite you to join our community of travel pros and subscribe to this channel, turn on the notifications so you don’t miss my next uploads, like this video and share it with your friends and family.

Let’s Pro!

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