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Cabarete: the capital of water sports



Cabarete the capital of water sports- Dominican Travel Pro

Cabarete is a Caribbean town located in the province of Puerto Plata, considered the City of the Wind and the Waves of the Dominican Republic.

Thanks to its magnificent winds and waves, this paradisiacal destination in recent years, in addition to its notable growth in the tourism sector, has gained popularity among those who enjoy adrenaline, as it is the favorite place to practice water sports and of adventure such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, among others.

So, if you love doing this type of adventure, you can not miss visiting the beaches of Cabarete.

This enclave of unparalleled beauty is also known for its charming, relaxed and bohemian atmosphere, which you can enjoy both during the day and at night. Below is a selection of the most popular sports and the beaches where you can do them.

Kitesurfing: It is an extreme sport of sliding on the water. It is navigated on a board with the athlete connected to a drag kite attached to the body with a harness. This sport allows rotations and turns at amazing speeds. It is ideal for lovers of risk and requires mastering both surfing and paragliding before doing it, for its execution requires strong winds and huge waves, so Kite Beach and La Boca can be two perfect places to practice it.

Windsurfing: It is one of the most important sports on the North Coast. Its practice consists of moving on the water with a board and a sail that is articulated at the foot of the mast, which allows it to rotate freely to adapt to the direction of the wind.

It is a technical sport, so specialized professional training is needed. One of the best places to do this modality is Playa Cabarete.

Snorkeling: One of the best coastlines for snorkeling is Playa Sosúa, as it has coral reefs, ravines, sunken and beautiful ships; gardens at depths ranging from 15 to 39 meters and with adequate temperatures.

Stand up paddle boarding: Every day this sport gains more followers in Cabarete, when the wind and waves hide, the practitioners of stand up paddle boarding monopolize the beaches of the town, since it allows full contact with nature which generates peace and tranquility to those who practice it.

Horseback riding: Horseback riding, along the beach or along trails, is a very popular family activity in the town of Cabarete. Many haciendas offer excursions and rent horses for those who wish to appreciate the tropical beauty of this Caribbean town.

Other activities that are usually carried out in this impressive destination are: river tubing, enduro, skating and mountain biking.

This destination awaits you!

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